Marratxí is a township with 36.086 residents located on the south-west of the island of Mallorca. It is part of the “Raiger” region. It is located in an ideal location that joins Palma with the rest of the townships in the island by railway. In addition, it has also good motorway networks, they are the most circulated and the best conditioned roads of the island.

From an economic point of view the business park is outstanding, with a high volume of transactions and services, as well as big shopping centers, the biggest leisure area in Mallorca (Festival Park). As well as this it has pottery as an industrial and traditional reference.

Cultural heritage

It is precisely pottery, as well as tourism, the main engine that drives this municipality. Proverbially the name of “Marratxí” is linked with mud craftsmanship. Historically there came to be up to twenty potteries in the centre of Pòrtol. Despite the evolution of the sector, like for example the modernization of the facilities (like electrical ovens and lathes, new colors and composition of varnishes etc) the tradition is still felt today. With special nostalgia to relive the past felt by the visitors and consumers of the family workshops, we perceive the necessity to preserve and protect the artisanal sector so typical of Marratxí.

One of the most characteristic ceramic figures is the “Siurell” which dates back to several centuries ago. The “Museu del Fang”, Mud Craftsmanship Museum, (The only one of its kind in the Balearic Islands), is a must see visit for those who want to find out more about pottery

Historical heritage

Marratxí has many sites declared as cultural sites of interest; caves containing archeological remains, a Roman carriageway and an important number of buildings based on the traditional architecture of the region.



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