Mallorca has a reputation for being a peaceful, relaxing place. The island offers a large number of activities and places to discover. It has many monuments and museums, as well as a wide range of activities and trips to satisfy all visitors. Many local festivities, mainly of religious nature, are celebrated in Mallorca. They are outstanding, spectacular events.

The island of Mallorca is known around the world for its warm weather and for its wonderful beaches. The approximately 300 beaches of the island are one of the main reasons that attract visitors from around the world to Mallorca. Due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean, Mallorca has been since ancient times a melting pot of cultures and civilizations. This has left a rich cultural heritage that is unique in the Mediterranean.

Mallorcan gastronomy offers all the advantages of the Mediterranean diet, which is said to be one of the most complete and healthy diets. Mallorcan cuisine is just the reflection of the different cultures that shaped our present-day identity. And it is precisely this variety which gives the island’s diet its richness and the well-deserved prestige it enjoys today.


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