>> Men “Open Class” for all ages. Men “Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).

>> Women “Open Class” for all ages. Women “Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).

>> Mix “Open Class” for all ages. Mix “Senior Class” for 40 years and over (40+).


1. A team consists of between 2 (minimum) and 4 players (maximum).

2. Each team match has 3 individual games in the following order:

* Men’s double * Women’s double * Mixed double

* Men’s single 1 * Women’s single 1 * Women’s single

* Men’s single 2 * Women’s single 2 * Men’s single

3. Games can be played without a referee.

The players themselves judge the individual games.

4. Approved white balls are used.

5. Clothing with predominantly white background is not permitted.


1. The tournament will be held under the ABC Pool/CUP system to

even out differences in strength between the participating teams.

(see general information Sports disciplines – point 5 Tournament planning – page 20).

2. a) The team which has won the most games in a match is the winner.

b) The teams are ranked in each pool on points, so that the team with most points is

Men Women Mixed

no. 1 and the next-best team is no. 2 etc.

* If 2 teams are tied, the games they have played together decide the result.

* If the teams are still tied, the team with the biggest difference between

games won and games lost, the difference between sets and then in points,

is the winner.


1. Games are played to the best of 3 sets.

2. Each set is played up to 15 points.

At 14-all the two point lead rule will for time reasons NOT be applied.


1. Unless otherwise specified, the rules of the International Table Tennis Federation apply.

2. Even a referee must apply the international rules.

3. Detailed game rules are published in the tournament programme.


Son Verí Sports hall

Located in the township of Llucmajor, near the tourist area of ​​Playa de Palma and Arenal, is the Sports hall Son Verí. It is a comprehensive facility that offers football fields, swimming pools and an indoor sports hall. In addition to this it is also prepared to organize table tennis tournaments, as this will be the case during the World Company Sports Games – Mallorca 2016

Carretera MA-6014, Urbanización Son Verí Nou s/n
07600 Llucmajor – Illes Balears


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